At gTLD Systems, we specialise in all aspects of the gTLD industry from infrastructure, to brokering the sale of whole registries.

The services we offer, but not limited to, are:

  • Premium list creation, Western and Chinese market.
  • Full tiered pricing service (experience based manual pricing)
  • Tiered price integration with back end suppliers.
  • Tiered price Integration with registrars.
  • Full registrar distribution channel management.
  • Manual premium domain sales brokerage.
  • Domain industry specific head hunting and recruitment.
  • Marketing strategy, content creation and implementation including cross registry industry trade show presence.
  • Staff training, including compliance and sales.
  • Registry back end management and supplier changes.
  • Registry business strategy including sales and staff structuring.
  • Second round gtld application consultation.
  • WFOE and MIIT application with Chinese market consultation.
  • Sales projection and business analytics.
  • Industry custom software development.
  • Full TLD/Registry management services.
  • Complete TLD/Registry brokerage of sale.
  • EMD vs PPC data acquisition project management.

We operate a team of specialists from the gtld industry ranging from sales, day to day operations management, data analysts all the way to headhunting specialists, all working towards a common goal of increased public gtld awareness, client revenue creation and an overall success of the sector.

With a proven track record of success of over $3.82 million in premium sales and senior level experience of day to day management of some of the very best performing Gtld’s in the industry, we are uniquely situated to help improve your registry performance through proven methodologies. Please contact us using the form below and one of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.



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